I give you the tools. We build the foundation.

Mobility, STRENGTH ​Nutrition + ​COMPETITION PREP ​coaching

Hey, I am Angela!


I'm a bodybuilder turned strength + nutrition coach who trains like a powerlifter.

I'm an enneagram 3wing4 with an all black wardrobe and an introvert except when I am in the gym.

And finally, I'm a full-time mom and photographer on the side with a less is more look on life.


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In 2012 I ran my first 5k.

Believe it or not, I almost failed high school P.E class. I didn't grow up playing team sports, nor did I think of my self as athletic. Instead, since the age of 7, I grew up riding horses competitively.

In 2012 I ran my first 5K. When I signed up, I signed up with no knowledge of marathon training whatsoever. However, that untrained 5k turned into 2 more endeavors as a runner. I learned how to train, stretch and prepare for the Twin Cities Marathon. These marathons provided a pathway towards a better life for myself.

That path eventually lead to strength training and new fitness goals. I learned that running wasn't the only pathway towards a better life. With some help, I googled my way through workouts and ended upon a bodybuilding stage. Three years and 9 bodybuilding shows later, I earned my IPE Bikini Pro card.

While working for 19 years as a kitchen designer and wearing my mom hat day-to-day, I decided to spend whatever free time I could find getting the education, hands on experience, and mentoring that has helped build the foundation for the lifestyle and coach I am today.


Through mobility focused strength training built from the ground up And individualized approaches to nutrition, I believe in providing you with the tools you need to match your lifestyle and reach your goals.

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Now I'm Here to Help You build a Strong FOUNDATION Too


Create spaces where people feel inspired take their health into their own hands and feel empowered to build a stronger foundation for a better life.

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It's more than just moving weight.

Learn to MOVE first. PERFORM second.

Unlock your Mobility from ANYWHERE.

Intentionally take the guesswork off your plate.

All​-Inclusive Competition Prep

Move Freely. Pose Confidently.


ShowING Up with Grit

I am comitted to showing up for you with passion and perserverence in an effort to help you reach your goals. My hope is that you will do the same.


I want to meet you where you're at with your fitness goals and work as a team to create an individualize approach specific to you and your lifestyle. We're building you a better life together.

EmpowerING Growth

I will empower you to take your health and fitness into your own hands. My goal is to always be there for you, but to eventually not be needed.

Being the Right help

I will be intentional with providing a direct and effective approach to setting and reaching your goals. I want to be the help I wish I had when I started.

Trusting the Process

I will consistently remind you that the gym will give you back the exact effort you put in. Life doesn't always give you that. A little bit of patience and effort will go a long way.


With Angela, I actually learned how to squat correctly. She taught me how to keep my core strong during the movement which has helped alleviate back problems I have had. Also, she taught me how to properly engage my glutes and I have definitely noticed an increase in glute development from that.

I used to just workout and eat properly and not focus on the little things to make myself better. I now spend time every session working on ROM, breaking up knots, and working on using proper breathing techniques to keep my core safe.


Since working with Angela on my nutrition, I’m way more consistent than I ever have been and Angela has helped me overcome a lot of mental barriers that were holding me back. Working with Angela I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months and gained way better mobility through her coaching.

Angela is a very good listener. She is always providing direct and real feedback. She is an amazing coach and will be working with her more and more.


Angela makes it easy for you to believe in yourself when it comes to putting in the work in. Her approach on nutrition and training is effective and efficient. First, Angela helped me drop 30lbs of body weight, and now we are working on building strength in the gym.

Before working with Angela, I had zero fitness goals and a bad relationship with food. Now, she has helped me to understand my macros while keeping micronutrients high and I eat more mindfully while feeling confident in my understanding of technique in the gym.


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NOPE! You can schedule individual sessions as often or as little as you'd like. You can take what you learn back to your own gym until we meet again.

I do encourage clients to join the gym because you will find it it a motivational atmosphere with clean equipment and a supportive community.

Another perk is I am there often so I am able to answer questions as needed beyond our training sessions.


Frequency varies from person to person depending on specific needs and goals.

But if you are just getting started with exercise, need regular motivation and accountability to get to the gym, or have an injury you are working through, you will likely need to work with me two-three times a week.

We will discuss your availability and build a routine that will work for you.


The first time we meet, we’ll go through a mobility assessment to address imbalances and compensation patterns.

We'll discuss how these limitations have negatively affected your movement and quality of life.

We'll also use this valuable information to establish a plan for how to move forward while mitigating any recurring movement issues before getting under a barbell.

nutrition faq's

what is a nutrition coach?

Nutrition coaches look at the body as whole while teaching clients to create a healthy habits that realistically fit their lifestyle and goals.

AKA - I wont provide a "one and done" meal plan. Nutrition coaches are in it for the long haul with you.

While learning what works and what doesn't work for you, I will help you build a plan that you will want to stick to.

What is the commitment?

I know that it takes time to implement new habits and I am not here to give you a quick fix. With that said,nutrition coaching requires a 12 week/3 month commitment to get you started.

During this time we will learn your specific needs, how to track your macros, and how much you actually can eat.

And from there we will build off of that nutritional foundation to get you closer to your overall goals.

Can you help me create a meal plan?

I will include macros and caloric intake on a weekly basis to reach your goals, as well as the why's behind them.

I can map out examples, offer suggestions, and give you ideas for substitutions, but I leave the choices up to you!

As a nutrition coach, I am here to be your guide as you learn to choose healthier options for yourself in relation to your lifestyle and goals.

how can I help?

I'd love to help you, collaborate, or get you where you're ​trying to go. Maybe you have questions beyond what my ​FAQ's sections answer, or maybe you're ready to get started.

Let's chat.

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1636 Gervais Ave | Suite #13

Maplewood, MN 55109



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A Strong foundation starts from the ground up.